I got Josh his Easter basket today. It's early but I had time to kill at the store. This year we'll decorate eggs. I think he'll love this. I got him mostly small toys and a little bit of candy. This year we'll decorate eggs on Saturday to get him excited about the holiday and hide the plastic ones around the yard for him to find the next morning. I'm not planning on any mall Easter Bunny pictures. That's just creepy. I'll take pictures at home instead.

I remember making colored eggs with my grandmother when I was young. I remember the vinegar smell and mixing colors and dipping one side of egg in one color then the other side in a different color. I remember carrying them around all day being so careful not to drop the egg. I remember thinking how smart my grandma was to figure out how to make colored eggs and that they were so special because I made them. I hope Joshua remembers making eggs with me some day. Maybe it won't make the same impression but it will surely be a magical moment for even half a day.




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