Sneaky Josh got out of bed last night nearly half an hour after he went to sleep. He stood at the top of the stairs watching us talk. We were rehashing the day and I happen to be bragging about how great of a lunch Josh ate when I caught him out of the side of my vision standing by the rails. I quickly ushered him back to bed. He claimed he lost his puppy under the bed so I retrieved it, kissed him goodnight then left. He didn't get up again. Apparently this is normal behavior for kids. I think I recall getting out bed to check on my parents too when I was young. This affirms for Rusty and I that our days of having sex in the living room are officially over.

In other news, Elliot is practicing reaching for toys dangling in front of him. His coordination is getting better. He still doesn't hold much for long unless he happens to have a death grip on it, which is reflexive and not a skill. He's fussing at night less- usually- though there are still moments or evenings when he's upset for no apparent reason. Starting this weekend he's 3 months and two weeks old (14 weeks).

We have a BBQ we're going to tonight. I told Josh it was a party- and it kind of is. The hostess and other attendees all have toddlers around Josh's age and babies around Elliot's age. I'm all over this! Finally Rusty can meet some of the moms (and their spousal counterparts) that I've gotten to know over time.




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