I spoke with my dad today after a couple of phone calls, one from Nel and one from his case worker. He's at the Longmont United Hospital. I still don't know what he did exactly to get in there other than being brought in by cops. I had the chance to ask him directly but I chicken out. Instead I told him how his grandsons are doing, talked about our cold snap, asked him how he'll find a job again, asked if he was taken care of. But I couldn't seem to drag the biggest question out of my mouth. And I'm not entirely sure why. I've had a stressful and strained relationship with my father for a very long time. It evolved into some deeper manifestation as I gained wisdom and perspective over the years. Hurt turned into anger. Disappointment turned into sadness. After all the drama, after all the worry, after all the stress about his well being, we spoke for a total of 4:24. That's it.

I offered to go to Colorado to help him gather his things from Nel's and help him get situated. He declined this offer. He did promise to call me when he's out. And he better.




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