Today was a good, busy day! We were part of a surprise party for Hannah then after a short pit stop at home, I was out again this time carting Joshua to another birthday party for friend Mika. Sadly, on the way out of the second birthday he stumbled on some stairs scrapping a knee and ankle. Luckily he didn't tumble much worse than he did.

I somehow found time to do some birthday shopping online for Joshua this morning. I found a couple books (about volcanoes and storms, his current obsessions), a Spider-Man t-shirt, and a bug catching kit. Sometime very very soon I need to finalize birthday plans. I still haven't worked out the date or festivities. I also want to get him his new bed by his birthday. He's outgrown his daybed by length. It's the same mattress he slept on as an infant, though now it's sagging in the middle from years of sleeping on it. I remember trying to image how he'd look in later years filling up the bed space. Now I struggle to remember how tiny he was back then! He does not need crayons or markers or paint. He's overly stocked on art supplies and rarely requests to use them anyway. I almost got him a string of multi-colored lights for his 3' Christmas tree in his room. I'm afraid that will have to wait though since I don't know where to find a string of lights this time of year.

We're also waiting for 2 replacement parts before we can build the new play set in the backyard. Unfortunately the slide arrived with large scratches and one beam had a disconcerting crack. Once those are in, we'll get it built, hopefully in time for Joshua's birthday.

Tomorrow is Mother's Day and I don't know what the day will be like yet. I know the morning: drive in-laws to airport. Then we'll look for brunch somewhere, maybe some place where I can eat for free. :-) Beyond that, the day is open for whatever. Perhaps I'll get my feet worked on, or do some much needed shoe shopping.



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