Josh is alseep again. Poor guy- he throw up on me in the living room this afternoon. I gave him a bath, changed his clothes, then cleaned the carpet & sofa. After he puke he felt better. He was splashing around in the tub then running around the house exploring for a while. After about 30 mintes of play, he got tired. I held him for a bit and he fell asleep on my shoulder. I laid him down for his 4th nap today. He's sleeping as much as yesterday but not in a single long stretch. The first nap was just over an hour, then 45 minutes, then another hour and now it's been over an hour. I hope he feels better this weekend. I want to get out and enjoy the festivities around the 4th of July. I don't wish this stomach virus on anyone!

Someone somewhere right now is having a baby. Someone somewhere right now is feeding their livestock. Someone somewhere right now is a prisoner of war.

For anyone who has ever abandoned their diary or journal for a length of time can relate to me when I confess that blogging has lost its initial glam. I seem to fill my time doing other things instead of updating my blog. It’s not to say I don’t enjoy it, I do. It’s just hard for me to stick with it (or anything) for too long unless something new happens.

Josh has become sick again starting in part Monday evening then full blown by Tuesday afternoon. He’s got what Rusty’s coworkers nicknamed the “Puke & Poop Bug”. It’s a stomach virus going around that, by all appearances, seems to effect only males. I don’t know any moms or wives of the stricken who are sick. Friend Preethi put it right when she said she thought this virus was slowly killing out the male population. I don’t think the virus would actually kill anyone but maybe it takes an hour or two off of someone’s life.

Anyway, Josh puked on me 4 times today. Twice in the living room and twice in the kitchen. He also had runny poop, the diarrhea type. Rusty took care of him for about an hour while I ran out for groceries this evening. He didn’t puke on Rusty. Instead, he gave him dirty diapers. Rusty says after the first changing Josh rolled over, was about to crawl away but stopped and filled his diaper again with runny poop. He didn’t even make it off the change pad! The poor lil’ dude has been very tired and lethargic today. He slept for a total of 4 hours and when he was awake he only wanted to rest his head on my shoulder. We took it super easy today watching The Wiggles for a bit this morning then a documentary about castles this afternoon.

Despite being sick, Josh is still toddling around the house exploring. He “helped” me fill the bath tub this afternoon for his bath. He’s learned how to turn the faucets on and off. He also spent some time pointing at and touching the carpet cleaner. He’s interested in the gadgets, like the extensions and hoses. He gone back to handing me his cup when he’s done drinking. I much prefer this over he former course of tossing the cup aside when he was done. Thank Gawd for sturdy plastic sippy cups!

Having the extra nap time was good for me. I was able to finish a web design for a St. Vincent de Paul project, I did chores, took a long shower, even a nap. I figured I should make the most of his naps while I can. I wonder sometimes how it will be when (if) we have a second child. Are moms able to put both kids down for a nap at the same time? I guess not. I would probably be busy with one child at all times. And how does the “second time mom” put an infant down for a nap with a toddler playing nearby? I remember having to be very quiet and careful putting Josh for a nap when he was younger. The slightest bump or noise would startle him awake making me soothe him to sleep all over again. Does the second baby get the extra time devoted to them? I need to hang out with toddler moms more so I can learn from them.

Sometimes I play the “Someone Somewhere Right Now” game. Here’s how it works: think of a situation common to all human beings then make the statement (internally or out loud) that someone somewhere right now is doing that thing. Then pause to reflect on it. I’ll start. Someone somewhere right now is hearing the best news they’ve ever heard. Someone somewhere right now is having a car wreck. Someone somewhere right now is posing for a picture. Someone somewhere right now is dying of starvation. Someone somewhere right now is taking a test. Someone somewhere right now is about to go to bed.

The power to walk compels me.
The power to walk compels me.
The power to walk compels me.

I feel bloaty and achy and lethargic- yet I felt the strong urge to walk a mile. My late day routine of strolling Josh has become the staple event of my evenings. Rusty & I walked up the street. I got a banana frappucino, he got a pizza for dinner then I bought 2 tamales for lunch tomorrow. All that walking and we ended up buying junky foods!

Tomorrow is a busy busy day. First I'm taking Josh swimming with Samantha Weyandt at her apartments, then we're off to a play date in McKinney (which is 30 minutes away), then home for what I hope will be a long afternoon nap, then we're having company over for dinner. For me it will be a non-stop day. In myopinion, those are the best kinds of days to have.

This week has been action packed, mostly with Josh getting wet or dirty in some way. I took Joshua to the Lewisville Old Town Aquatic Park and he had a blast! The park is geared for babies up to preteen kids. They have a winding shallow pool that's only 3 ft. 6 in. deep, water spouts, sprinklers, fountains and a wading area that's only a few inches deep. The pic-nic/seating area is covered by huge square umbrellas and they have a decent bathroom. The cost: $3. I think we'll be frequenting the park this summer!

Josh is obsessed these days over wheels, especially the type you steer with. At play areas, parks, on toys- if he sees a wheel it becomes the only thing he wants to play with. I looked for some toy with a wheel today hoping to find a push-toy of some sort. My search, though limited, was unsuccessful. When he ventures outside of our house, the first thing he goes for is the water spout. Why? He can turn the spout (which is wheel-like) to make water come out. I have a feeling he'd turn it even if nothing happened. We've been tightening our spouts after each use.

My trip to Lubbock & Plainview was relaxing. I left Friday as soon as Rusty came home and stayed at my moms. We worked on pricing stuff in her garages sale boxes on Saturday before I left for Plainview to be with Emily. Emily, who is going to boot camp June 27th, hosted a Going Away party at her parent's home.

I came up with some ideas for my mom to advertise her garage sale next weekend:

  1. Little Miss Muffet found her tuffet at my garage sale!
  2. Little Boy Blue found his horn at my garage sale!
  3. All the king's horses and all the king's men came to my garage sale!
  4. The emperor found his new clothes at my garage sale!
  5. Jack and Jill went up the hill to get to my garage sale!
  6. Jack be nimble; Jack be quick; Jack came to my garage sale!
  7. Mary Mary, though quite contrary, came to my garage sale!
  8. One, Two Buckle your shoe; Three, Four come to my garage sale!
  9. Knick-knacks and paddy whacks, all at my garage sale!
  10. Yankee Doodle bought his hat at my garage sale!
Not sure of she'll use these, but I think it would catch people's attention.

Josh was brutal this morning. He woke up cranky, crying and at 7am. I guess a weekend with Dad wore him out. He napped from 10:30-12:30, making us miss a play date at the mall. But I didn't mind missing the play date. I got my nap too. :)

Jeepers what a week.

  • Josh is now able to crawl onto the coffee table. In fact, he's also nearly able to crawl onto his high chair seat if it didn't have a big plastic knob in the middle keeping him from sliding out when seated.
  • He is also working on standing up without a wall, furniture or legs.
  • Rusty is out this week in San Diego living the fine life on company dime & time while I'm here in 100 degree weather taking care of a sick toddler. Me? Jealous? You bet!
  • After yoga class on Saturday I think Josh came down with a cold. He was not well all day Sunday with sneezing and runny nose. He's better today though I still have to clear his nose periodically, sometimes with Kleenex and a suction bulb.
  • I have plans this week to keep us busy until Rusty comes back home: play date tomorrow, dinner with a friend (thanks to Matt Weyandt for posting his yummy salmon recipe), visiting a St. Vincent de Paul warehouse to take pictures, meeting a friend I haven't seen in over a year, meeting with a mom I have never met, and finally picking up Rusty from the airport.
  • I plan to go to Plainview this weekend to visit my mom and celebrate with Emily before she goes into the navy. I think I'll leave Rusty to care for Josh all weekend without me. It's only fair. :)

It took a miracle but we saw Nine Inch Nails* and Bauhaus in concert Saturday night. Friends Gene & Becky Tien called Rusty at 2:30p on Saturday to see if we wanted to fill two extra seats. Apparently there was some miscommunication on who was going, how many tickets they needed, etc. After the call, we phoed as many friends a we knew to see if anyone would be willing to watch Josh for the evening. Between us, we called six people getting a "gee, sorry, not tonight". My last hope was in Melissa, who has a seven-month-old. Rusty had already given up. As the phone rang her house, I told him if she said no, we wouldn't go. It turns out, she almost did say no. Her hubby was going to a bachelor party that evening. She called her mom and invited her over to help her watch both babies at her house. I was really surprised that at the last attempt, things worked out.

We had a great time! We got there a bit on the early side allowing us to get good parking (I left after the concert in record time- no waiting!) and spend time with friends Gene, Becky and Heather, and Heather's brother Jeremy who has an eight-month-old baby. Bauhaus was OK but being my first concert of theirs, I know I missed something. Half the crowd was interested in them. People reliving their formative 80's industrial/goth memories. There was intermission then NIN hit the stage with a rage and thunder that everyone paid to see. By the third song the lead guitarist dove into the crowd to be carried back by eager fans. In fact, there were a lot of legs and bodies carried around on the front center area. We were seated to the back right (or left if on stage), our seats on the edge of a row between sections 200-201 about 5 rows from the front of that section. The light show was good but the mesh LCD screen that came up and down throughout the performance was an awesome effect. We left at the end of the concert before the final finale. You know, when the band is done and the crowd begs for more and we all know the band is coming back to play one last song. We left before that last song. Rusty heard everything he wanted to hear and I wanted to beat the traffic so we could pick up Josh from Melissa's.

Today we took turns catching up on sleep. Rusty slept in then I took a long nap while Josh napped. I think Josh had a great time at Melissa's because he was tired this morning despite not waking too much until morning.

*I would have given anything to go to the Sasquatch Festival in Gorge, WA last week. Some day before it becomes banned, overly commercial or dies out, I want to go. This year's music on the main stage (2nd & 3rd days) was a generous sampling of bands and music I really enjoy.

We are officially done with bottles- yay!! The transition to sippy cup was good. Josh didn't reject the cup in expectation of a bottle. In addition, today was the start of introducing cow's milk. I've been giving him formula that's cool or room temperature for a couple weeks to get him acclimated to colder drinks. I'm offering him half formula, half milk right now. He seems ok with the change. I plan to keep offering him both for a week or so then cut back on formula. The stuff's expensive even though it has lots of nutrients.

Today Josh took one nap. I think it was a fluke, though he's done this a few times. Today he went to sleep a little after noon and didn't wake until nearly 3pm. I was able to do so much: lunch, clean, email, create "thank you" notes, do my hair and makeup, read a few pages in my book. It was nice having the long down time. If Josh sleeps until 8am on a somewhat regular basis, I'd be ready to move towards one nap a day. Though I can't really control that- it's more or less up to him and when he's ready to do it.

My girly friend Melissa called today to vent. She's going through a bit of what we went through a while back: people assume that when you have a baby you disappear or become so tangled in family obligations that no one bothers to include you on fun stuff. It's hard not to take that personally when your friends all get together to do something fun and don't bother to invite you. Rusty & I have tried very hard to communicate to our friends that we are still interested in going on and can even trade off to make this happen (such as Rusty staying home while I go out for a bit, or vise versa). To make things worse, she finds herself initiating much of the correspondence and plans to get together. It's understandable when people are busy or lose touch altogether. But then there are those who don't really have that excuse. For whatever reason, they just never ever bother to call or email. Ever. So in order to keep the friendship afloat you always make the first move. I'll tell you from experience: that gets real old real fast. I can't say that I'm perfect about contacting every person I know often. But I do find myself inviting friends to do stuff far more often than I get invited from them. I think Melissa felt better knowing that someone else was going through the exact same dilemma. I'm moving more towards the notion of finding new friends who have more in common with me and who are interested in keeping in contact. It never hurts to add new people to one's personal Rolodex anyway.



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