We are officially done with bottles- yay!! The transition to sippy cup was good. Josh didn't reject the cup in expectation of a bottle. In addition, today was the start of introducing cow's milk. I've been giving him formula that's cool or room temperature for a couple weeks to get him acclimated to colder drinks. I'm offering him half formula, half milk right now. He seems ok with the change. I plan to keep offering him both for a week or so then cut back on formula. The stuff's expensive even though it has lots of nutrients.

Today Josh took one nap. I think it was a fluke, though he's done this a few times. Today he went to sleep a little after noon and didn't wake until nearly 3pm. I was able to do so much: lunch, clean, email, create "thank you" notes, do my hair and makeup, read a few pages in my book. It was nice having the long down time. If Josh sleeps until 8am on a somewhat regular basis, I'd be ready to move towards one nap a day. Though I can't really control that- it's more or less up to him and when he's ready to do it.

My girly friend Melissa called today to vent. She's going through a bit of what we went through a while back: people assume that when you have a baby you disappear or become so tangled in family obligations that no one bothers to include you on fun stuff. It's hard not to take that personally when your friends all get together to do something fun and don't bother to invite you. Rusty & I have tried very hard to communicate to our friends that we are still interested in going on and can even trade off to make this happen (such as Rusty staying home while I go out for a bit, or vise versa). To make things worse, she finds herself initiating much of the correspondence and plans to get together. It's understandable when people are busy or lose touch altogether. But then there are those who don't really have that excuse. For whatever reason, they just never ever bother to call or email. Ever. So in order to keep the friendship afloat you always make the first move. I'll tell you from experience: that gets real old real fast. I can't say that I'm perfect about contacting every person I know often. But I do find myself inviting friends to do stuff far more often than I get invited from them. I think Melissa felt better knowing that someone else was going through the exact same dilemma. I'm moving more towards the notion of finding new friends who have more in common with me and who are interested in keeping in contact. It never hurts to add new people to one's personal Rolodex anyway.


Maktaaq said...

I hate always being the initiater too - but on the subject of us childless ones leaving out the breeders, I find that my friends with children refuse to ever come out, so I stopped calling them.

I think you and Rusty are the coolest parents ever - you have a social life! You don't shun us!


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