The power to walk compels me.
The power to walk compels me.
The power to walk compels me.

I feel bloaty and achy and lethargic- yet I felt the strong urge to walk a mile. My late day routine of strolling Josh has become the staple event of my evenings. Rusty & I walked up the street. I got a banana frappucino, he got a pizza for dinner then I bought 2 tamales for lunch tomorrow. All that walking and we ended up buying junky foods!

Tomorrow is a busy busy day. First I'm taking Josh swimming with Samantha Weyandt at her apartments, then we're off to a play date in McKinney (which is 30 minutes away), then home for what I hope will be a long afternoon nap, then we're having company over for dinner. For me it will be a non-stop day. In myopinion, those are the best kinds of days to have.

This week has been action packed, mostly with Josh getting wet or dirty in some way. I took Joshua to the Lewisville Old Town Aquatic Park and he had a blast! The park is geared for babies up to preteen kids. They have a winding shallow pool that's only 3 ft. 6 in. deep, water spouts, sprinklers, fountains and a wading area that's only a few inches deep. The pic-nic/seating area is covered by huge square umbrellas and they have a decent bathroom. The cost: $3. I think we'll be frequenting the park this summer!

Josh is obsessed these days over wheels, especially the type you steer with. At play areas, parks, on toys- if he sees a wheel it becomes the only thing he wants to play with. I looked for some toy with a wheel today hoping to find a push-toy of some sort. My search, though limited, was unsuccessful. When he ventures outside of our house, the first thing he goes for is the water spout. Why? He can turn the spout (which is wheel-like) to make water come out. I have a feeling he'd turn it even if nothing happened. We've been tightening our spouts after each use.



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