Josh is alseep again. Poor guy- he throw up on me in the living room this afternoon. I gave him a bath, changed his clothes, then cleaned the carpet & sofa. After he puke he felt better. He was splashing around in the tub then running around the house exploring for a while. After about 30 mintes of play, he got tired. I held him for a bit and he fell asleep on my shoulder. I laid him down for his 4th nap today. He's sleeping as much as yesterday but not in a single long stretch. The first nap was just over an hour, then 45 minutes, then another hour and now it's been over an hour. I hope he feels better this weekend. I want to get out and enjoy the festivities around the 4th of July. I don't wish this stomach virus on anyone!

Someone somewhere right now is having a baby. Someone somewhere right now is feeding their livestock. Someone somewhere right now is a prisoner of war.



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