IFR Flight Lessons

I will be taking flight lessons for an IFR rating. For those non-pilots reading my blog, here are some terms you may see and what they mean:

VFR - Visual Flight Rules - clouds are 3000+ ft up and you can see more than 5 miles away (think clear skies)

 MVFR - Marginal Visual Flight Rules - cloud ceiling is between 1000-3000 ft and/or you can only see 3-5 miles away



IFR - Instrument Flight Rules - cloud ceiling is 500-1000 ft up and/or you can see 1-3 miles away

LIFR - Low Instrument Flight Rules - cloud ceiling is below 500 ft. and/or you can see less than 1 mile away (think fog)



IMC - Instrument Meteorological Conditions - weather that requires flight by reference to instruments (clouds)

VMC - Visual Meteorological Conditions - flight by ground reference


ILS - Instrument Landing System - ground-based instrument approach systems with radio or high-intensity lighting that guide aircraft to the runway.

 Lessons will be in a Cessna 172 equipped with a Garmin G1000. I know C172s, and I'm looking forward to gaining experience on the G1000. 
(Here's a G1000)

I expect that getting IFR rated will be the most frustrating and most useful training to being a safer pilot. Best part is- I get to fly more!  :-)



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