There may be a crack

Something about a crack in or on or near a cylinder.

This crazy red lip batfish sums up my feelings right about now:

We're in a Holding Pattern

The mechanic reinstalled the fuel control system. And determined the fuel issue is still an issue.

So he took the parts out and sent them back for repair again.
We'll continue to impatiently wait for repairs.

Stay tuned for updates.

Hopefully I'll have one later this week.

Will Fly for Donuts

Twice in one weekend!

Saturday Donut Fly-In

I flew the kids to McKinney on Saturday morning to meet local pilots and let my boys snarf some donuts. This was an EAA Chapter meeting- my first. It was great meeting so many welcoming pilots. Several were very inquisitive about the airplane.

What kind of engine does it have? What's the cruise speed? How much fuel does it hold? What do you think of the T tail? How's the ride? What's the range?

I sensed that a few of the guys were impressed a girl pilot with kids showed up. Rusty was doing his Saturday morning work out.

I tried to shake everyone's hand and engage in chat about flying and airplanes. I learned:

  • Filling up a large fuel drum can cause static electricity to build up which can cause a fire. The pilot who told me this said he blew out the flames at the gas pump both on the drum and on the fuel pump nozzle.
  • If you want to book The Dorms for your next AirVenture at Oshkosh trip, I'm told you have to reserve for next year within hours of the event ending this year. (I guess we'll be camping.)
  • Seahorses can grow to be about a foot tall.
  • Many pilots who are members of EAA are not necessarily flying experimental airplanes. Some aren't even pilots!
The flight there and back was fast and uneventful. For some reason, there wasn't much traffic- which was surprising and pleasant!

Sunday IFR Practice

I went up with my instructor to do an approach at McKinney (TKI), an approach at Rockwall (F46) then an approach at Addison (ADS). No matter how much I think I'm prepared, I'm not. Conceptually, I understand what I need to do for these approaches. But staying one step ahead of things and having all my information on hand during flight is still a challenge. For one thing, I'm using my iPad for plates which is crammed into my knee-pad covered by a plastic sleeve that restricts a little of the view at top and overheats it when the sun is directly overhead. That's no excuse, but it doesn't help either.

I learned on Saturday if my iPad gets over heated, it doesn't work. Paper plates are in my future again.

I look forward to my next flight later this week. Hopefully I'll be more on my game.



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