We finished- YAY!! -with the latest website: www.constructioncleanpros.com

I originally had a couple of other website projects lined up after this one but I'm taking a break instead. While I really enjoy the work, it is time consuming at a time when we're tired and have other things to do. Particularly, I feel bad harping on Rusty to do coding in the little free time he has on evenings and his days off work. Perhaps in a few months we'll forget the amount of work it takes and do something else. Until then, I'll focus on home projects and personal endeavors.

With one exception- I want to revamp Rusty's website ringofsaturn.com. It's outdated, stale and blah. And sadly it doesn't represent him (or me) well for consulting. The challenge to redoing this site is that it tries to do so much at the same time. There's news feeds, links to personal stuff (pictures), links to side sites (recipes, internet-working, music, astronomy...), a resume, consulting forms, games. I'm sure I'll come up with something that is organized, snazzy and fresh. I just need time to think it over. Which I now have more of!

Elliot didn't sleep much last night making me extremely weary today. I'm going to bed early just in case there's a repeat of infantile insomnia.

Elliot is on round three of the same cold going around the house. Josh is just about done with his and Rusty is still coughing up stuff. I noticed mucus coming out of Elliot's ear Monday evening while bouncing him to sleep across my knee. I gave him Tylenol to take the edge off the ear pain. I was fully prepared to take him to the pediatrician on Tuesday to have things checked out but after a good night's rest he didn't seem bothered by it. So I stayed home and took a nap with him instead.

I'm searching for a new purse. Normally I wouldn't bother mentioning such a mundane thing but this has becoming consuming to me. My current purse is too small, the back pack has holes and nothing out there is just-right. I need a cross-body strap and a phone pocket and enough space for all of my stuff and it needs to be easy to open and stylish. I've gone to five shops in town so far and searched online. Although I found a couple purses online I really want to see it and open it before I commit to it. Surely I'll find one. Then I'll be able to upgrade my phone. I want the new Palm Centro phone. It won't fit into my current purse so there's my motivation.

American Airlines is the Britney Spears of aviation news.

Elliot rolled over this morning from back to tummy. With some further practice, he'll be mobile for the first time able to roll across the room. We're still working on sitting. He's not ready to sit yet but I'm hoping he'll get there by June.

Speaking of June, I'm thinking of birthday plans for Joshua's 3rd birthday. I'm fickle in my ideas sometimes leaning towards a home based party, sometimes somewhere else, sometimes having a theme, sometimes just having fun. I'm going to check out Sandy Lake to see if rides are age appropriate for him and his friends. I'll also check into renting bounce houses and pizzerias. Joshua's favorite food is pizza (no surprise) followed by cake. I have an idea to make his birthday cake look like a pizza. I'll talk to a local bakery about the idea.

We're installing a new water heater under the kitchen sink today. It's a start though I wish the whole house got hot water faster than it does. I can have the sink on full blast hot for minutes before it starts to warm. The only room that gets hot fast is the master bathroom. And now the kitchen sink. But washing clothes in hot water? Forget it! The washer has o way of running water long enough to warm it. I have a number of whites that I'd love to wash in hot water with bleach but have to settle for cold water instead.

Elliot's awake from his nap. He's not napping long these days, especially on the weekends. I think in part because he has a cold. :-(

Time is short so here goes a quick post-

I found Elliot's first two teeth popping through. It won't be long before I won't let him gum my fingers! He's now four and a half months old.

Josh saw the polmonologist yesterday. He's on a higher dose of Advair until he fully recovers from this last cold and we got new drops to help dry up his mucus.

After the doctor appointment yesterday I went by a mom's house to get baby swings from her before she moves. I can't wait to put Elliot in that today.

My dad is going fine. He's getting severe headaches but that's all the symptoms he's got so far. He won't tell anyone where his tumor is or how big it is. On the bright side, I got his wife Nel's numbers in case he's unreachable. She's going to help keep me updated. My dad has a (not so) funny way of keeping problems to himself. But he promises to tell me before he "checks out", as he put it. Meanwhile he's looking for easy work near his home and planning a trip to see family in Mississippi and us in Dallas.

Rusty got a beta blocker for his shaking hand. He doesn't have tingling or shaking as much anymore since being on the drug. Thank goodness we don't need surgery!

I'm so happy my shows are back on TV! I watched Scrubs and The Office Thursday night after the kids went to bed. That's my way of escaping stress and forgetting about responsibility for a short time. That and reading or blogging. :)

In thinking about my dad's tumor, I'm tracking down a relative's wife to find out what her experience was like. Brenda was married to Ronnie until he died June 14, 2005. I wasn't aware he died until much later. Even if I had known, however, I would have been in a postpartum haze having just had Joshua 28 days prior. It turns out that Ronnie had a brain tumor. I want to talk to Brenda about his decline. I'm curious to know if things progressed slow or came on suddenly, and what functions did he lose along the way? I'm hoping her perspective on things will prepare me for what to expect or ease my mind of what's to come or both. I spoke with her briefly today once I got her number- it took me three calls to find her. We chatted about how we were and what's going on in life since I was fourteen. She told me to call again tomorrow morning when she'll have more time.

On a happier note, Joshua spent last night and half of this morning with the grandparents. They picked up Josh yesterday evening, he spent the night with them, then early this morning he went on a bike ride with Russ for the Tour of Dallas. Josh had a great time while we thoroughly enjoyed our break. Caring for one baby is waaaay easier than juggling both boys. We watched a movie at full volume, when Elliot woke up at 6am I wasn't panicked about him waking anyone up, we had breakfast, did stuff- it great! Josh came home all happy and energized so we went to a playground, then let him run around the yard then play some more during dinner at Nico's. He's passed out cold right now. I hope he stays passed out until 8am. Most likely he'll wake up between 6-7am though. We thanked Russ for taking Josh on the ride and encouraged him to do this again anytime he wants. :-)

It seems eerie timing that the very day I plan to mail my dad a note he calls the same evening. He doesn't read my blog because he doesn't use a computer. He called to clear the air the air with me and tell me that he has been diagnosed with a small brain tumor.


I was shocked at the news- still am- although I've known he had medical problems in the past. He's a heavy smoker and drinker, he has (or had) high blood pressure, and he nearly had a stroke last year. Alcohol is his medication for the time. He doesn't want to preserve the longevity of his life, he just wants to enjoy the end of it as much as possible. Understandably. Since he quit working this winter, he's married an old friend and plans to succumb to the natural process of his health's decline.

I feel sad for my dad. I get the impression that he doesn't see much value in his life, especially now that his mother has passed away. I don't know how much time he'll have or what will eventually get him. I'm still taking this all in.

I love looking at old pictures of Josh when he was a baby. I need to take more pictures of Elliot too. He'll only be this age one time. We're trying to move out of Gallery and into Zen photos for our online album but I haven't found the time to do it. Rather, I'm spending that time I do have on other things. Like napping. Which sounds good right about now. :-)

My dad and I are having drama. After several attempts to call him by phone, I decided to write a letter. But the longer the letter got the more agitated I became. Instead, I'm sending him a note:

When you’re ready to talk, call me. The ball is in your court.

Love always,

I'll include a few pictures of Josh and Elliot. It might make him call within a week or I may not hear from him for years. We'll see.

Josh's first dentist appointment is next week Monday. I'm not sure what they do at first visits other than clean the teeth. The dentist office is pretty cool though. They have a huge play tunnel structure in the waiting room.



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