Elliot rolled over this morning from back to tummy. With some further practice, he'll be mobile for the first time able to roll across the room. We're still working on sitting. He's not ready to sit yet but I'm hoping he'll get there by June.

Speaking of June, I'm thinking of birthday plans for Joshua's 3rd birthday. I'm fickle in my ideas sometimes leaning towards a home based party, sometimes somewhere else, sometimes having a theme, sometimes just having fun. I'm going to check out Sandy Lake to see if rides are age appropriate for him and his friends. I'll also check into renting bounce houses and pizzerias. Joshua's favorite food is pizza (no surprise) followed by cake. I have an idea to make his birthday cake look like a pizza. I'll talk to a local bakery about the idea.

We're installing a new water heater under the kitchen sink today. It's a start though I wish the whole house got hot water faster than it does. I can have the sink on full blast hot for minutes before it starts to warm. The only room that gets hot fast is the master bathroom. And now the kitchen sink. But washing clothes in hot water? Forget it! The washer has o way of running water long enough to warm it. I have a number of whites that I'd love to wash in hot water with bleach but have to settle for cold water instead.

Elliot's awake from his nap. He's not napping long these days, especially on the weekends. I think in part because he has a cold. :-(



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