Elliot is on round three of the same cold going around the house. Josh is just about done with his and Rusty is still coughing up stuff. I noticed mucus coming out of Elliot's ear Monday evening while bouncing him to sleep across my knee. I gave him Tylenol to take the edge off the ear pain. I was fully prepared to take him to the pediatrician on Tuesday to have things checked out but after a good night's rest he didn't seem bothered by it. So I stayed home and took a nap with him instead.

I'm searching for a new purse. Normally I wouldn't bother mentioning such a mundane thing but this has becoming consuming to me. My current purse is too small, the back pack has holes and nothing out there is just-right. I need a cross-body strap and a phone pocket and enough space for all of my stuff and it needs to be easy to open and stylish. I've gone to five shops in town so far and searched online. Although I found a couple purses online I really want to see it and open it before I commit to it. Surely I'll find one. Then I'll be able to upgrade my phone. I want the new Palm Centro phone. It won't fit into my current purse so there's my motivation.



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