Time is short so here goes a quick post-

I found Elliot's first two teeth popping through. It won't be long before I won't let him gum my fingers! He's now four and a half months old.

Josh saw the polmonologist yesterday. He's on a higher dose of Advair until he fully recovers from this last cold and we got new drops to help dry up his mucus.

After the doctor appointment yesterday I went by a mom's house to get baby swings from her before she moves. I can't wait to put Elliot in that today.

My dad is going fine. He's getting severe headaches but that's all the symptoms he's got so far. He won't tell anyone where his tumor is or how big it is. On the bright side, I got his wife Nel's numbers in case he's unreachable. She's going to help keep me updated. My dad has a (not so) funny way of keeping problems to himself. But he promises to tell me before he "checks out", as he put it. Meanwhile he's looking for easy work near his home and planning a trip to see family in Mississippi and us in Dallas.

Rusty got a beta blocker for his shaking hand. He doesn't have tingling or shaking as much anymore since being on the drug. Thank goodness we don't need surgery!

I'm so happy my shows are back on TV! I watched Scrubs and The Office Thursday night after the kids went to bed. That's my way of escaping stress and forgetting about responsibility for a short time. That and reading or blogging. :)



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