Kids & Test Prep Mix Like 100LL & Water

Me trying to study with 5 kids* in the vicinity:

"If a half-standard turn rate is maintained-"
"Mom! Elliot's hurt!"

2 minutes later...

"Where a holding pattern is speci-"
"Mom! I need help with this!"

1 minute later...

"During the en route phase of an IFR flight, ATC advises..."
"Mom! Josh is throwing ants!"

1 minute later...

"For IFR planning purposes, what are the compulsory..."
"Um, Ms. Sarah? Can I call my mom with your phone?"

2 minutes later...

"What is the MDA and visibility..."
"Look at me Mom!"

1 minute later...

"Which range facility assoc-"
The phone rings.

I gave up.

It's pretty useless to study at home (or at a playground as in this morning) unless I'm locked away with headphones.

I feel like I may never be able to take this written exam for my IFR rating.

*It's common for neighborhood kids to hang out at our house and/or tag-along to nearby playgrounds. We've had as many as 8 kids- 6 visiting neighbor kids.



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