We got a bike!

All evening I've been thinking about Pink Floyd:

I've got a bike
You can ride it if you like
It's got a basket
A bell that rings
And things to make it look good
I'd give it to you if I could
But I borrowed it

Today we finished assembly, test rode it, tweaked & tightened stuff and now we're anxious to give it another go. We found it online for a great price: under $350 including shipping & tax. It folds too. That will allow us to transport and hang it in the garage. Of course now we need to buy a few accessories like a bike rack for the car and a child bike tow bar.

And now we need to get rid of Rusty's old bike that he's held on to forever.

It's my night to read to the boy's for bedtime. I'll be sure to sing this song:

Daisy, Daisy,
Give me your answer do!
I'm half crazy,
All for the love of you!
It won't be a fancy marriage,
I can't afford a carriage
But you'll look sweet upon the seat
Of a bicycle built for two!

Yeah ok, so it’s been 77 days since my last post. I’m not sure why exactly I lagged in posts other than just being busy and not making my blog a priority. I intended to post shortly following significant events. So here’s what’s happened since May 8:

New play set – We splurged on a new play set in May. It happened to be put up a week before Joshua’s birthday thus he thought it was a present for him. No. It’s to replace the play set that came with the house that was in disrepair. The old set was carefully taken down and donated to a friend who has plenty of room in her backyard and a handy-hubby committed to replacing certain parts.

Joshua’s 5th birthday – He had a great party at Cinemark in Plano. They now have party rooms. I managed to invite 19 kids in less than 24 hours to watch Shrek 4 then have pizza & cake in the party room. The original plan was to have a grill party in the backyard. But we got a downpour the day prior that flooded one area of our yard. We had standing water for two days. (The flooding problem has since been corrected by installing a French drain.) Our gifts to him were a few t-shirts, some books and an insect catching kit.

Rusty's belated birthday present - I commissioned a painting for Rusty's birthday. It finally was finished and arrived early June. Wendy Hudman did a wonderful job! I told her to make something with music, science, colors from our piano room & office, and birds.

Mother’s Day – This year was low key. We went out for breakfast at The Egg & I in Addison. I don't remember much about that day now. I guess nothing significant happened. I mailed my mom’s gifts on time. She got a couple books (a new Dexter book and Murder City: Ciudad Juarez and the Global Economy's New Killing Fields by Charles Bowden) and a shirt from Threadless.com with an owl in a tree sitting next to a cat with a sniper rifle and night-vision goggles. Awesome.

Father’s Day – I took the boys to- a place, shall we say- to get large wind chimes for Rusty’s Father’s Day gift. Although the boys were helpful in testing out the chimes (all of them!) they stressed me out in a store of breakables. I believe we had steak for dinner that night. A typical “Dad” dinner. I remember now that I didn’t think of my own dad at all that day.

Corpus Christi & Galveston vacation – Late June we took a mini vacation to visit my grandma Carlean in Corpus Christi. The purpose of the trip was to finally see the new grave marker I had ordered. But the cemetery let me down once again. They had received the marker but failed to tell me I would have to wait 15 days for the stone to be set. I would also not be able to view the marker myself. They were supposed to call me when the stone was finally set. It’s been a month and those bastards haven’t called me. I hate them. After that disappointment, we drove through Bay City, TX to see some of the old neighborhoods I lived in as a kid. It was much as I remembered but 25 years older. An old house that was once by a trailer home I lived in was gone. I guess they razed it. But the trailer was still there. The neat green house I lived in on 4th Street had motorcycles in the yard and a fence around the property. The neighbor’s on one side had junk on the porch and their own fence. When I was a kid there were no fences.

We took a scenic route to Galveston then stayed with my good friend Stephanie Rhoades and her family. The kids got along like kids and loved each others company. We spent most of one day at the Johnson Space Center near NASA. I highly recommend it for all ages.

Identity theft – On our last day in Galveston Rusty got a call from Bank of America confirming that we requested a new debit card be sent to our new address in Georgia. Wha?!? Apparently someone had stolen my identity (no, I don’t know how) so extensively they called the bank, passed all the security questions, changed our address to some place in Georgia then proceeded to request replacement cards. Luckily we stopped that nonsense before the replacement cards arrived. A week or so later they managed to get into our joint credit card and spend a few thousand bucks on car stuff and order from some catalog. I’ve since locked my credit, reported to the police, changed all my passwords, cancel cards and even reformatted my hard drive in case it had a spybot. I don’t have a credit card in my name and don’t intend on having one for a while until this seems to be behind us.

Matt Peck got married - Our good friend Matt Peck got married. It was a very traditional wedding with a reception at a golf course clubhouse. After they drove off in their limo we invited all our friends to our place to talk about the event and reconnect. In the beginning of the day we were not expecting company but somehow managed to clean up, provide snacks and have plenty of beverages for everyone. The after-party was way more fun than the wedding. :-)

July 4th
- We saw fireworks. It was awesome as usual. Joshua was in a patriot music medley at school.

11 year anniversary – We celebrated our anniversary by going out to the Melting Pot (yum!) and stopping by The Flying Saucer where we happen to see Matt Peck and his new wife.

Getting ready for kindergarten – Joshua is ready to start kindergarten in late August. I think the big day is August 23rd. I plan to take that day off work. I expect to be a bit teary eyed. I’d like to walk him to school, walk in with him, see him settle in, then cry my butt off as I walk back home. I’m excited that he’s starting “big school” for a number of reasons. I hope Elliot does well with the transition. He’ll still be going to Glen Hollow dayschool but without his brother.

Today – Today is a typical Saturday. We got stuff done: laundry, cleaned some rugs, dishes, replaced batteries, played at a pocket park, etc. I expect tomorrow to be much of the same if maybe one small adventure like the science museum or Dallas farmer’s market. There’s no telling yet what we’ll do!

I haven't mentioned much about Elliot. He's very well. He's talking like a 3 year old already, tripping less, and still following and copying his brother at every turn. We're about to start potty training him. Wish me luck!



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