I got the day off of work today unexpectedly.  There was an electrical fire on the fourth floor that caused three floors to be evacuated for the day. The only reason why I'm not jumping for joy is that is that it happens to also be overcast (no flying) and Rusty is stuck on conference calls (no matinees or lunches out).

So I'll mill around the house, maybe run an errand, study steps for flight maneuvers, and eventually get kids from school.

My future self is already disappointed that I haven't aspired to greatness in my free day off.

I went up today to practice maneuvers. It was uneventful. But I still loved going up! I go up again tomorrow with an instructor much more prepared than last time.

I flew today practicing some maneuvers and being drilled on oral exam questions. It was uneventful for the most part. I know the areas I need to work on. I'm scheduled to launch again Thursday morning (solo) to practice the points I need to work on.

Then I''ll fly with my CFI again to demonstrate I've improved.

Then I'll earn an endorsement if I somehow "wow" him.

Then I'll prove myself to the toughest CFI at the school.

Then they'll schedule a checkride.

The end feels like it's drrrraaaaaagggging on.

We're looking at planes. I found a beautiful Bellanca for sale in the area with retractable gear and a powerful engine. There's also a Cessna 172P for sale in Houston that I'm eyeing up with a new motor and new interior. To help with costs, I've put out a Craigslist posting looking for other pilots to share the plane and it's associated costs.


Although I would LOVE to continue flying the Piper LightSports, they just aren't made for family travel. Renting is fine for now, but ownership would give the ultimate freedom to just go. I'll let you know what comes of the ad.

Rusty is OFFICIALLY a private pilot! Today he got his nifty plastic card from the FAA. We've already gone on two family flights in the area using a rental plane. The first trip was to Tyler to visit the flight museum (how fitting) and the second trip was to Aero Country where we inquired about hangars. We met a few pilots there who informed us that Aero Country didn't have much hangar space for rent and that the previous owner of Airpark, David Noell, died last month.

Although we really want to park at Airpark because it's cheap and close to home, we're concerned about it's future as available airport. It isn't maintained and a landowner in the area wants to raze the airport and put in a shopping strip. Booooo!

As for me, I'm prepping for the checkride. I went up this week to practice stalls, s-turns and emergency landings. I'll go up again next week then plead for hopefully earn an endorsement to take the checkride.



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