It seems eerie timing that the very day I plan to mail my dad a note he calls the same evening. He doesn't read my blog because he doesn't use a computer. He called to clear the air the air with me and tell me that he has been diagnosed with a small brain tumor.


I was shocked at the news- still am- although I've known he had medical problems in the past. He's a heavy smoker and drinker, he has (or had) high blood pressure, and he nearly had a stroke last year. Alcohol is his medication for the time. He doesn't want to preserve the longevity of his life, he just wants to enjoy the end of it as much as possible. Understandably. Since he quit working this winter, he's married an old friend and plans to succumb to the natural process of his health's decline.

I feel sad for my dad. I get the impression that he doesn't see much value in his life, especially now that his mother has passed away. I don't know how much time he'll have or what will eventually get him. I'm still taking this all in.



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