In thinking about my dad's tumor, I'm tracking down a relative's wife to find out what her experience was like. Brenda was married to Ronnie until he died June 14, 2005. I wasn't aware he died until much later. Even if I had known, however, I would have been in a postpartum haze having just had Joshua 28 days prior. It turns out that Ronnie had a brain tumor. I want to talk to Brenda about his decline. I'm curious to know if things progressed slow or came on suddenly, and what functions did he lose along the way? I'm hoping her perspective on things will prepare me for what to expect or ease my mind of what's to come or both. I spoke with her briefly today once I got her number- it took me three calls to find her. We chatted about how we were and what's going on in life since I was fourteen. She told me to call again tomorrow morning when she'll have more time.

On a happier note, Joshua spent last night and half of this morning with the grandparents. They picked up Josh yesterday evening, he spent the night with them, then early this morning he went on a bike ride with Russ for the Tour of Dallas. Josh had a great time while we thoroughly enjoyed our break. Caring for one baby is waaaay easier than juggling both boys. We watched a movie at full volume, when Elliot woke up at 6am I wasn't panicked about him waking anyone up, we had breakfast, did stuff- it great! Josh came home all happy and energized so we went to a playground, then let him run around the yard then play some more during dinner at Nico's. He's passed out cold right now. I hope he stays passed out until 8am. Most likely he'll wake up between 6-7am though. We thanked Russ for taking Josh on the ride and encouraged him to do this again anytime he wants. :-)



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