We finished- YAY!! -with the latest website: www.constructioncleanpros.com

I originally had a couple of other website projects lined up after this one but I'm taking a break instead. While I really enjoy the work, it is time consuming at a time when we're tired and have other things to do. Particularly, I feel bad harping on Rusty to do coding in the little free time he has on evenings and his days off work. Perhaps in a few months we'll forget the amount of work it takes and do something else. Until then, I'll focus on home projects and personal endeavors.

With one exception- I want to revamp Rusty's website ringofsaturn.com. It's outdated, stale and blah. And sadly it doesn't represent him (or me) well for consulting. The challenge to redoing this site is that it tries to do so much at the same time. There's news feeds, links to personal stuff (pictures), links to side sites (recipes, internet-working, music, astronomy...), a resume, consulting forms, games. I'm sure I'll come up with something that is organized, snazzy and fresh. I just need time to think it over. Which I now have more of!

Elliot didn't sleep much last night making me extremely weary today. I'm going to bed early just in case there's a repeat of infantile insomnia.



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