It took a miracle but we saw Nine Inch Nails* and Bauhaus in concert Saturday night. Friends Gene & Becky Tien called Rusty at 2:30p on Saturday to see if we wanted to fill two extra seats. Apparently there was some miscommunication on who was going, how many tickets they needed, etc. After the call, we phoed as many friends a we knew to see if anyone would be willing to watch Josh for the evening. Between us, we called six people getting a "gee, sorry, not tonight". My last hope was in Melissa, who has a seven-month-old. Rusty had already given up. As the phone rang her house, I told him if she said no, we wouldn't go. It turns out, she almost did say no. Her hubby was going to a bachelor party that evening. She called her mom and invited her over to help her watch both babies at her house. I was really surprised that at the last attempt, things worked out.

We had a great time! We got there a bit on the early side allowing us to get good parking (I left after the concert in record time- no waiting!) and spend time with friends Gene, Becky and Heather, and Heather's brother Jeremy who has an eight-month-old baby. Bauhaus was OK but being my first concert of theirs, I know I missed something. Half the crowd was interested in them. People reliving their formative 80's industrial/goth memories. There was intermission then NIN hit the stage with a rage and thunder that everyone paid to see. By the third song the lead guitarist dove into the crowd to be carried back by eager fans. In fact, there were a lot of legs and bodies carried around on the front center area. We were seated to the back right (or left if on stage), our seats on the edge of a row between sections 200-201 about 5 rows from the front of that section. The light show was good but the mesh LCD screen that came up and down throughout the performance was an awesome effect. We left at the end of the concert before the final finale. You know, when the band is done and the crowd begs for more and we all know the band is coming back to play one last song. We left before that last song. Rusty heard everything he wanted to hear and I wanted to beat the traffic so we could pick up Josh from Melissa's.

Today we took turns catching up on sleep. Rusty slept in then I took a long nap while Josh napped. I think Josh had a great time at Melissa's because he was tired this morning despite not waking too much until morning.

*I would have given anything to go to the Sasquatch Festival in Gorge, WA last week. Some day before it becomes banned, overly commercial or dies out, I want to go. This year's music on the main stage (2nd & 3rd days) was a generous sampling of bands and music I really enjoy.



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