Jeepers what a week.

  • Josh is now able to crawl onto the coffee table. In fact, he's also nearly able to crawl onto his high chair seat if it didn't have a big plastic knob in the middle keeping him from sliding out when seated.
  • He is also working on standing up without a wall, furniture or legs.
  • Rusty is out this week in San Diego living the fine life on company dime & time while I'm here in 100 degree weather taking care of a sick toddler. Me? Jealous? You bet!
  • After yoga class on Saturday I think Josh came down with a cold. He was not well all day Sunday with sneezing and runny nose. He's better today though I still have to clear his nose periodically, sometimes with Kleenex and a suction bulb.
  • I have plans this week to keep us busy until Rusty comes back home: play date tomorrow, dinner with a friend (thanks to Matt Weyandt for posting his yummy salmon recipe), visiting a St. Vincent de Paul warehouse to take pictures, meeting a friend I haven't seen in over a year, meeting with a mom I have never met, and finally picking up Rusty from the airport.
  • I plan to go to Plainview this weekend to visit my mom and celebrate with Emily before she goes into the navy. I think I'll leave Rusty to care for Josh all weekend without me. It's only fair. :)



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