For anyone who has ever abandoned their diary or journal for a length of time can relate to me when I confess that blogging has lost its initial glam. I seem to fill my time doing other things instead of updating my blog. It’s not to say I don’t enjoy it, I do. It’s just hard for me to stick with it (or anything) for too long unless something new happens.

Josh has become sick again starting in part Monday evening then full blown by Tuesday afternoon. He’s got what Rusty’s coworkers nicknamed the “Puke & Poop Bug”. It’s a stomach virus going around that, by all appearances, seems to effect only males. I don’t know any moms or wives of the stricken who are sick. Friend Preethi put it right when she said she thought this virus was slowly killing out the male population. I don’t think the virus would actually kill anyone but maybe it takes an hour or two off of someone’s life.

Anyway, Josh puked on me 4 times today. Twice in the living room and twice in the kitchen. He also had runny poop, the diarrhea type. Rusty took care of him for about an hour while I ran out for groceries this evening. He didn’t puke on Rusty. Instead, he gave him dirty diapers. Rusty says after the first changing Josh rolled over, was about to crawl away but stopped and filled his diaper again with runny poop. He didn’t even make it off the change pad! The poor lil’ dude has been very tired and lethargic today. He slept for a total of 4 hours and when he was awake he only wanted to rest his head on my shoulder. We took it super easy today watching The Wiggles for a bit this morning then a documentary about castles this afternoon.

Despite being sick, Josh is still toddling around the house exploring. He “helped” me fill the bath tub this afternoon for his bath. He’s learned how to turn the faucets on and off. He also spent some time pointing at and touching the carpet cleaner. He’s interested in the gadgets, like the extensions and hoses. He gone back to handing me his cup when he’s done drinking. I much prefer this over he former course of tossing the cup aside when he was done. Thank Gawd for sturdy plastic sippy cups!

Having the extra nap time was good for me. I was able to finish a web design for a St. Vincent de Paul project, I did chores, took a long shower, even a nap. I figured I should make the most of his naps while I can. I wonder sometimes how it will be when (if) we have a second child. Are moms able to put both kids down for a nap at the same time? I guess not. I would probably be busy with one child at all times. And how does the “second time mom” put an infant down for a nap with a toddler playing nearby? I remember having to be very quiet and careful putting Josh for a nap when he was younger. The slightest bump or noise would startle him awake making me soothe him to sleep all over again. Does the second baby get the extra time devoted to them? I need to hang out with toddler moms more so I can learn from them.

Sometimes I play the “Someone Somewhere Right Now” game. Here’s how it works: think of a situation common to all human beings then make the statement (internally or out loud) that someone somewhere right now is doing that thing. Then pause to reflect on it. I’ll start. Someone somewhere right now is hearing the best news they’ve ever heard. Someone somewhere right now is having a car wreck. Someone somewhere right now is posing for a picture. Someone somewhere right now is dying of starvation. Someone somewhere right now is taking a test. Someone somewhere right now is about to go to bed.



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