I had an interesting moment at the grocery store this afternoon. I was looking for the last two items on my list, chicken patties and meatballs from the freezer section. I knew they were along the back row but wasn't seeing them right away. A guy, maybe in his late 30's, was standing in front of the section I was scanning back and forth on. I think he was reading package labels or something. I realized how silly it must have seemed that I was going back and forth past him looking for these things. I decided to make light of my predicament by saying, "I'm not stalking you, really." He chuckled then said back,
"The way my life is that would be a welcomed change." I shot him a friendly smile kind of going along with his humor. Then it struck me like a brick: what did he really mean by that? Is this how people pick up other people in the grocery store? Was he making some slight advance? I mulled over his words probably longer than I should have while finally locating my items. He looked at me again as I reached in for a package, and it wasn't a flirty smile- more like it was a prolonged glance. Women have a funny way of noticing even the slightest changes. I didn’t respond to his extra glance sensing there was something fishy about the way he responded. Maybe he’s single? Maybe he’s lonely? Maybe he’s just friendlier than I expected? Or maybe what he meant to say just came out funny.

Josh is still sick. I'm getting worried about him because he hasn't eaten hardly anything since Tuesday except some yogurt in the mornings and a few bites of applesauce and mandarin oranges that I've forced upon him. We decided to take more dramatic steps today. I made straight formula (no whole milk) and offered it to him in a bottle. Although he's supposed to be done with bottles, if this is the only way I can get nutrients in him I'll do it. In fact, this week has no rules. He's watched more TV/movies than usual, I've offered him more juice than I usually do, he ate a pretzel one afternoon so I kept offering him more- if he wanted to eat a cookie I've give it to him so long as he ate something. He's still throwing up too. This evening he barfed all over me, the carpet, the wall, the steam cleaner near the wall, the kitchen floor, all this while on our way to put him to bed. We tried to give him water, he threw that up too. Then we tried 1.6 mL of medicine to soothe his coughing and runny nose- he puked that up too. So now he's laying in bed coughing every minute or two, and probably hungry and thirsty. I plan to take him to the doctor Monday to see what I can do to keep him from getting too dehydrated and hungry. My hunch is that he got a cold on top of a nasty stomach virus.

Someone somewhere right now is being hired for a new job. Someone somewhere right now feels trapped in their marriage. Someone somewhere right now is celebrating their 21st birthday.



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