Josh loves playing in water. I've taken him to the Lewisville Aquatic Park, Addison Circle's fountain area, a friend's pool at her apartment and now tomorrow the Jack Carter Pool in Plano. Not all this week nor back to back but all recently. It's about the only thing to do in the sweltering heat. Although Josh loves all kinds of water for play, I prefer the super-shallow wading areas. My little guy has no sense of danger whatsoever! He tries to crawl out of my arms in the pool so he can crawl on the water. I explained to him it doesn't work like that but he doesn't get it.

Most babies shift towards taking on nap a day around their first birthday. Josh is inconsistent. Some days he'll pass on the morning nap and take a long afternoon snooze- but then he'll revert back to two naps. I'm encouraging him to move towards that one long nap so that I can work in the afternoon. Today's tactic worked very well- we hung out at Addison Circle eating brunch (he had half a banana and some peach) then played in the water fountains with Preethi & Vincent then he played some more after lunch. By the time we got home at 1pm he was exhausted. He slept from a little after 1pm to 4:45pm- waking once for a drink. Tomorrow there's a playdate at 11am so we'll probably leave home early to play at a park before joining the group. That should make him plenty tired!

So how's life with a toddler? All in all I'd have to say (so far) it rocks! I love seeing him learn. Unlike when he was an infant, I can play with him. And he's better at self-play. Nights have become quiet (almost no waking) and easy to put him to bed. And he can eat more types of foods, though I still opt for the healthy stuff. It's easier to have fun with a toddler than an infant like going places and trying new things. It's also neat to see his opinions developing. He hates ravioli right now. But he'll eat crackers, cheese and fruit until the sun goes down. Some music makes him dance while others are lost on him. And he loves "outside". Any time to be outside, whether walking, strolling, playing with wood chips or dashing across the neighbor's yard- is a good time. Oh, and toddlers are way more resilient. He falls, bumps and tumbles all the time and is getting better at not crying about it. But I still hold him and rock him to sleep mostly because I like to and still can.

Someone somewhere right now is watching a home video. Someone somewhere right now is writing a book. Someone somewhere right now is discovering they've lost their home.



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