Joshua's one-year pedi appointment was this morning. Here are the facts and figures:

  • Weight 21 lbs. 7 oz. 25th percentile
  • Height 31" 80th percentile
  • Head 18" 25th percentile
He got tested for lead in the blood and got vaccinated for Hep. A, MMA, and his vision. (All is assumed normal and healthy unless otherwise notified.) Of course I was advised to transition Josh from bottle to cup very soon (I already anticipated this battle) and to move him on to cow's milk in the near future. The doc recommended a cold turkey approach to the transition of bottle to cup. I expect Josh to fully retaliate and hate me/us for it, but he needs to move on and I really want to stop washing bottles! The cow's milk issue is different. We can take a gradual approach to it until he realizes it's good and the only option besides water. I think I'll avoid juice until he's got the hang of cow's milk and using cups all the time. Also of note from the appointment- Josh hasn't really spoken a word yet, at least not clearly and repeatedly and in front of his parents. So we'll focus on one or two words until he gets the idea that making words leads to getting stuff he wants. Aside from not talking yet (which is somewhat normal for boys) he's as healthy and active as can be expected.

By the way, new pictures are online from this We're working on how to upload video to the photo gallery, but that'll happen later once we figure it out.



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