Gosh, so much has happened over the week!

This last weekend we celebrated Matt & Sam's wedding. It was beautiful! If one was to look through their photo album today they'd see the wedding party and family laughing it up at Maggiano's after the wedding rehearsal, the classy Perkins Chapel on SMU's campus, seven grooms and bridesmaids, four ushers (Rusty was lead usher), guests all dressed up and having a great time, a charming reception hall in the Melrose Hotel where everyone enjoyed food, wine, dancing and all the traditional wedding events. We lit sparklers as the wedded couple made their escape- it was a picture perfect wedding all around!

Leading up to the wedding events, we welcomed Matt & Oana to stay at our home for a couple nights. They arrived from Vancouver tired but ready to eat as much Mexican and Tex-Mex food as they could possibly muster! Matt had fun playing with Josh and taking pictures. We even went on a couple adventures together: a visit to the Dallas Arboretum and the Cockroach Hall of Fame Museum in Plano.

Over the coarse of the weekend, we lined up four babysitters! Friday, Rachel Clark visited for a few hours taking care of Joshua while we attended the rehearsal dinner. Saturday afternoon Dorothy took care of Josh during the ceremony then friend Rick Caudill watched Josh for the evening during the reception. On Sunday, Josh played at Melissa's house for a couple hours while Rusty & I were social with friends. Josh had such a great time the whole weekend I doubt he noticed we left!

Tuesday we went to Arbor Hills to celebrate Josh's first birthday. One of the moms made a cake for everyone (Josh didn't have any) and about a dozen of us with strollers and babies kept company in the picnic area while I chased Josh around the playground area keeping from getting hurt or too far away.

I bought him a new pair of shoes this week. Sandals from StrideRite. Now that Josh is walking more and more, it's time he gets used to shoes, especially when we go the park. This week also starts the first steps in getting him off the bottle and on to using his sippy cup. I haven't introduced cow's milk yet, but I think that's coming soon too.


Matt said...

What, no mention of the first word? Or are you still awaiting official verification? :)


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