They say life gets busier when the baby learns to walk. For me, it's not so much THAT he can walk (he just started last week but this week he can officially walk across a room and beyond) but because he's sleeping less in the day. What was a roller coaster of nighttime wakings and need for soothing two weeks ago is now a roller coaster of unpredictable naps. Twice this week he cat-napped in the morning opting for a longer snooze in the afternoon, but then flipped on me yesterday by taking a long morning nap and no afternoon nap. Today is also funky: wake at 6am (despite my pleas to go back to sleep), nap from 7:30-10am, then nap again in the afternoon- which is now as I type. So I'm having to go with the flow on this one.

Josh is learning so many things, besides walking- which he does either with arms out for balance like a mini Godzilla or with hands waving because he's so excited that he can walk. Yesterday he surprised me by taking the spoon an inserting it into his mouth with food on it. I was worried he would wave the spoon around or toss it on his head (that's a new thing, stuff on the head is apparently funny) but he didn't. He repeated with varied success. Now the trick is to get him to put food on the spoon then deliver it to his mouth. I think I'll try with yogurt.

Monday I've agreed to show a few moms how to make baby food. I'm still making Josh's food though it's a heck of a lot easier with him eating finger foods. No more puree, yay! His diet lately consists of sweet potato cubes, pear, cheese, toast, yogurt, beans, peas and carrots. The peas and carrots I cheated by buying a mini can on a whim thinking he probably wouldn't be interested so it would only be a $.45 loss. After he ate that up I got a bag from the freezer section. The frozen foods are better because they don't lose their nutrients in the water and probably taste better than canned. And it's cheaper!

Tonight is symphony night. Rusty & I have a date for dinner then Copland's Appalachian Spring Ballet Suite (sounds... soothing) and Elgar's Enigma Variations. Rusty's mom agreed to watch Josh at her house. Grandparents are so great! :-)



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