This weekend has been eventful. First I'll talk about the March of Dimes on Saturday. We got up early for the walk at White Rock Lake. The walk was supposed to begin at 9:00am and I committed myself to get there before nine to meet up with other people from our group. I was running behind in time and resigned that if we were going to be late, we might as well be comfortably late. So we stopped for pigs-in-a-blanket on the way. Knowing there would probably be almost no parking, we parked at the rail station near by and took the free DART shuttle bus. That worked out great! It left right after we loaded and dropped us off right at the front of the start line. We got ourselves situated for a couple minutes, called a friend to see where she was and then they did the countdown and started the march. So we jumped into the front of the line! We caught up with Kim, Kevin & Kate who were our walking buddies. No one really knew how long the walk was. I guessed horribly at 1.2k. Someone else guessed 5mi. It was actually just over 7 miles. The weather was perfect, having rained all the night before there was a cool breeze, moderate humidity, generous cloud coverage and clean air. The babies were good during the walk. Kate slept part of the way in her backpack-carrier on her dad's back. Josh couldn't nap so we alternated strolling and carrying him. He had a great time! We ended up leaving very shortly after the march due to rain. Rusty compared himself to a Palahniuk character because we just showed up, walked among all these sponsors, volunteers, donators and do-gooders, then left without actually donating or participating with the rest of the event.

In other news, on Thursday evening I got bit by Darwin. He's now in the county animal shelter under quarantine. Here's what happened: Joshua is learning how to be gentle with animals. He no longer grabs at them; now he pats the cats with one hand. Well he crawled up to Darwin who was chilling out on the floor and started patting his back feet. Darwin took this for a few moments then lunged at Josh. He didn't bite him that I could tell but it still startled Josh and it was an aggressive move. I made sure Josh was ok then went after the cat. I was yelling at him telling him he was a bad cat and picked him up in two places- the scruf of his neck and somewhere on his back. Half way through the house on the way to tossing him outside he wiggled out of my grip and after a second of trying to regain my grip he turned around and bit me. But real hard. I yelled again, chased him into the hall and into Josh's room where I closed him in. Then I looked at my hand. It was covered in blood from several deep gashes and punctures. I called Rusty to come home (it was 5:30 so he was near the end of his day anyway) and took Josh to our neighbor's house to hold Josh for a moment so I could clean my hand and regain composure. We ended up going to PrimaCare to clean my fingers where I also got a prescription for antibiotics. My hand was really stiff and painful on Friday and over the course of the weekend my hand swelled up, the gashes throbbed off and on, and I was red around my index and middle finger. Today it's doing much better.

Darwin got the raw end of the deal. Two hours after coming home from PrimaCare, the County Animal Services paid us a visit requesting to see proof of his last vaccinations. I couldn't find my papers so we agreed to quarantine him at home. The next morning we were informed that we were 11 days late on our rabies vaccine for Darwin and that he would need to be quarantined at the vet's office or at the animal shelter. We can't afford the $200+ vet fee so we sent him to the shelter. He's in quarantine until May 7 (10 days of lock up) and then we can pick him up. One of the ladies at the vet's office said she would be interested in adopting Darwin. We both agree (she and I) that Darwin may be one of those cats that's just not good around kids. Some animals are patient and well tempered while others just aren't. Since Darwin's been out of the house, the other cats have been in good spirits and seem more relaxed.

Lastly, today was Rusty's birthday. We spent the afternoon shopping for new shoes for him and spent a little time at Tommy's where Rusty went around a maypole with friends. The wind picked up, tearing some of the paper streamers, but everyone had fun anyway and the bottom portion of the pole looked decent. This evening we went out for dinner while Matt Peck entertained Josh. All three of us have had a good weekend and are now, rightly so, worn-out!



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