And now for the crusher... that last blog entry I sent you was an April Fools joke. For those who fell for it and congratulated us, thanks for the support, we'll keep it for later. The rest of you caught on and laughed with me.

Based on the reactions I got, I think I'm a better story teller than a liar. Or perhaps I'm a very good liar depending on your view! Either way, here's the scoop: there are no official plans for another baby, no one is going to be on TV, Rusty is not being promoted to his boss's position, nor is anyone going to China (except Gene & Becky), and there was no bird wreaking havoc in our home. Although my stories had grains of loose truth in them, it was all a prank on YOU!

I was going for tall tales that could be plausible, but perhaps these were a little too plausible. I should have taken Rusty's advice on having an alien encounter, Joshua speaking French, or some other stream of consciousness adventure. Maybe next year...

Hope your first weekend of April was full of humor. Or at least pleasant in some way. Cheers!


Anonymous said...

If I had a quarter for every bird I've chased out of my house, I'd take you to dinner.


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