He's not walking... yet. Every so often Josh either forgets to hold on or just lets go for a moment while moving. He's taken a few steps but nothing I'd consider real walking yet. But he's close! He's still on tip-toes most of the time and doesn't have good balance unless he's holding on to something.

Today, Joshua is 11 months old! I can hardly believe this is the last month for his first birthday- which I need to start planning. He still babbles and screeches but hasn't said a single word. He also hasn't mastered saying 'mama' (much less 'gramma'). He has learned a few useless trick though! He can stick his tongue in and out while humming. Sometimes he does this in the high chair, spitting food out. Highly annoying! He's also learned to click his tongue in his mouth and smack his lips. Again, neat tricks but nothing profound in the way of progress towards talking. I'll bet as soon as he learns to talk I'll wish I hadn't pushed him to learn!

We fed Josh tofu this evening. I just cut a few pieces and offered it to him. He ate the first piece with success then spit out the second one. I sprinkled cinnamon and vanilla and he ate a few more, but clearly it's not his favorite. As a backup, I had black beans and cheese (high protein meal!) which he gobbled up. I'll try various ways of serving tofu, perhaps with veggies, before giving up. Tomorrow we'll share a pear for lunch (I eat the skins).

New pictures are available from our vacation, linked on the right under my picture.



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