I hosted the play date today at our house. I had a decent small turn out of five moms, about half of what RSVP'd. I'm glad all 10 didn't show up though because we had enough room for the babies to crawl around and a have good conversation. Joshua had a great time playing and showing off his toys and tricks. One new trick he's learned this week is he can "play" a penny whistle. I showed him what it was one day and by accident he figured out that blowing made sounds. Rusty will tell you he's also learned how to toss/roll a ball back but I haven't seen this trick yet, so as far as I am concerned it hasn't happened! Anyway, now that the house is returned to "normal" and Josh is napping, I have a list of things to do to prepare for our trip. (Yes, I'll now obsess over every single detail until we leave!) One thing on my list is to clean and move the car seat from rear to forward facing.

-gasp!- But you can't do that until he's one!

Yeah, I know. But Josh is almost 11 months and he's big for his age so I think it'll be ok to switch a little early. That will give us more room in the car in the front passenger seat and I'm hoping the new view will distract him from being fussy in the car. Initially anyway.

In other news, Matt & Sam are getting hitched next month. We're looking forward to this not only as a sweet reminder of our own blissful wedding day but as an opportunity to ditch the kid with babysitters for a few hours. yay!!! Don't get me wrong- I love taking care of Josh but I also love having a good time with friends. There's a three hour gap between wedding and reception so we'll use that time to swap sitters. I'm asking around for shift one (I'll probably ask Dorothy, our surrogate grandmother); we have shift two covered by Rusty's work pal Rick. This is why having friends rock. We look out for each other. I help Dorothy design a website for charity, she plays with Josh a few hours. It's a sweet arrangement!



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