Most stories are based on some grains of truth some place in the author's life. To the point, there are grains of truth in my April Fools blog though by and large the stories were fabricated for your, err my, amusement. From the bottom up, I described the cat's behaviors as accurately as I could. Merlin actually did catch a bird once and brought it to Rusty's door. And when I was in fourth grade I did find a bird trapped in our garage. I tried to make friends with it but it was not friendly so I showed it how to get out. As for the job promotion, at the time of my entry, there was no promotion or raise. As of today Rusty will receive a raise effective this summer and there is discussion of promotion though I'm not supposed to talk about that. Finally, we are indeed out of room for any more creatures in our house. I often wish we had more closet space even. We have talked about how many kids we eventually want, and yes, we eventually want another. But the timing is all off in my prank. We're thinking of trying again in autumn. I figure we might as well get the baby-proofing, car seats, potty training, baby food, all that stuff out of the way. So there ya have it. The real deal is we're planning for number two and planning to move into a roomier home.

Which brings me to other news today. Rusty's company is planning to open call centers in various cities including a few we've talked about moving to: Seattle, Denver & Austin. To clarify, we would probably go suburban if we decided to move to Colorado since the town has an awful lot of pollution and I could potentially get closer to family. (And I would happen to know two other really cool moms in the area!) I'm not sure what the timing is on us moving, but we're definitely thinking about our options. Good thing about Seattle is proximity to Vancouver and Portland where we can see our friends. Good thing about the Denver area is proximity to my family. Good thing about Austin is it's easier to move to. I'm personally leaning more towards either Seattle or Denver because I really want to be close to good friends or family. We'll see what turns out over the course of the year. Meanwhile I'll be busying myself researching places to live and work for each location to help us decide.

Joshua & I went to the Dallas Arboretum yesterday with a few other moms. The arboretum has a 'Mommy & Me Monday' in March and April for moms and their babies. Lots of fun for little kids and it's a nice place to hang out for a change. Thing is, there were hundreds of people there! Moms from everywhere pushing strollers, holding babies, walking with kids- it was crazy! I was expecting a quiet park, maybe a dozen people there, small paths leading to small patches of plants. I was wrong on all counts. The Dallas Arboretum is large. For this event, it attracted so many people, they were parking us on grass & gravel because the paring spaces were full. I bought my ticket from Tom Thumb ($1 discount) then drove very slowly to let Josh sleep in the car. He got less than an hour of rest on the way there and again on the way back. I stayed well into the afternoon strolling with two other moms, letting the babes play and feeding them. By the end of the day I was exhausted and sunburned. I think I conked out at 9:30.

Tomorrow is a no fun chores and errands day. We have some light shopping to do, groceries, clean out the car & car seat, and a few things to do around the house to prepare for a play date I'm hosting tomorrow. So far about 10 moms have RSVP'd to come over. I have plenty of room in the front of the house. I don't know if I've met everyone who's coming over (I know them through, but I do have a few friend-moms coming to help break ice. And Rusty will be here working from home. After the play date, it'll all be about preparing for the trip to Colorado.



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