Twenty highlights of our trip you should know...

  1. Joshua is now a proficient stair climber. He fell once from the second step on the second to last day.
  2. My dad has been deemed a Baby Whisperer due to his mad skills at entertaining and putting Joshua to sleep.
  3. It is possible to cross New Mexico on Hwy. 87 in an hour and a half.
  4. Josh now has a farmer's tan.
  5. We caught the beginnings of a grass fire SW of Amarillo. The fire was headed towards a housing development pushed by 50 MPH winds. We drove past the onlookers as the fire trucks, police, and bulldozers arrived.
  6. Joshua surprised us one afternoon by crawling out of his play pen after a nap, climbing the basement stairs and greeting us in the dining room. We didn't know he was awake until hewas crawling towards us! (the zipper door must have had a gap that he used to get out)
  7. Rusty murdered a rabbit with my car on the way to Wichita Falls.
  8. Josh didn't sleep well at all the first two nights so he slept on my chest or between us on the bed the rest of the time. He snores.
  9. I lost my Best-Mom-of-the-Year award after holding Josh in the back of the car on the way home. The car seat wasn't comfortable causing him to cry, wail, bawl, scream at us- so I took him out and let him sleep on my lap and shoulder. That wasn't exactly safe or legal but he got rest and a soft place to sleep during the long lonely stretches of road.
  10. Dorothy, our surrogate grandmother, agreed to watch Josh from 6am to 11am so that we could sleep after coming home. I am forever in her debt for that!
  11. We visited the Haystack Goat Cheese farm. Josh loved seeing the goats as much as we did!
  12. I took a tour of the Celestial Seasonings factory (no babies allowed so Rusty & Josh hug out in the gift shop) and walked away with a few samples and boxes of tea to remember the experience. If you ever get to go, the Peppermint room is intense!
  13. We encountered the back of a storm on our way through the panhandle of Texas. It hailed on us for about 15 minutes but luckily we got no damage from it.
  14. My Mom got Joshua a book (Peek-A-Boo Bedtime) which was a hit on the way to Colorado. Later that week, my dad got him another book (Peek-A-Boo Bathtime) which was appreciated on the way home.
  15. We used non-baby safe items to somewhat baby proof my aunt's house: rubber bands held the cabinets shut, a heavy metal wedge kept the pantry closed, a rocking chair to block stereo equipment- all implemented two days before we left.
  16. Joshua had his first shower with Rusty after we gave up trying to keep him from standing in the bath tub.
  17. Rice, coconut milk and mango was a hit for Josh's meal time!
  18. Joshua joined us for sushi- all three times! He enjoyed the edamame.
  19. Rusty managed to douse me with fermented juice during lunch at Whole Foods. (He bought a drink that claimed to boost energy. And it had live cultures in it. But it tasted awful, like the vinegar stuff used to color eggs for Easter. So he decided to add sugar. As soon as he did, it exploded with foam. He tried to stop the foam by cupping his mouth over the bottle which then channeled all the foaming juice directly onto my shirt, lap, lunch, table, and floor behind me. Everyone around us pretended not to notice.)
  20. Despite the fashion of Boulderites, Josh refused to wear a hat making it a challenge to avoid direct sun on his face.



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