$100 Burger flight over Dallas

It was time for another excuse to fly the family! This time, for burgers in a neighboring suburb.

I flew us from Addison (KADS) to Grand Prairie (KGPM) to meet up with a friend for burgers at Mixed Up Burgers. The burgers were very delicious and service was great. Oh, and kid friendly! After burgers, pictures of the boys, bathroom breaks, and threats of no ice cream if there was any fighting in the backseat, we departed. Rusty was pilot-in-command going home to Addison.

Both flights were uneventful, although my visual approach into Grand Prairie was less graceful. I spotted Arlington's larger airfield just beyond our destination and mistook that for KGPM. I was on short base before I realized I where I needed to be, and was 1500 feet too high. So I flew the pattern to dump altitude and get coordinated for my landing.

Anyway, here's the video of Rusty's flight.


Colin said...

PM waiting for you back at the Diamond Aviators web forum.

Anonymous said...

Flew into KGPM at night a few weeks ago - if not for the Garmin 430 and Forflight I'd have landed at Arlington too! Always enjoy your blg posts!


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