Joshua had a great time celebrating his first birthday with friends and family. People came over at 1pm bringing gifts and greetings. We mingled and ate for a bit. Rusty made some yummy grilled chicken, fancy dips and bruschetta while I made finger foods for the babies (and grown ups) and a homemade birthday cake*. After eating and letting the babies play a bit, we migrated towards the dining room where I had Josh's high chair set up. We gave him a big piece of cake and waited with anticipation of the cake smashing and smearing. He was a bit slow to figure out it was something yummy to eat and gooey to play with. Rusty helped pick up the pace by spooning in a bite- afterwards the food tray was a mess of cake and frosting! Frosting was smeared ear to ear and cake crumb went all over the edge onto the plastic cover. After maybe ten minutes of cake smashing we cleaned Josh up then opened presents. He got lots of new clothes (yay!), a blocks-on-wires contraption, a cop car, a stuffed donkey, books, a Tiny Teddy Xylophone, and a kiddy pool. Once the toys were all tested (and kid approved) we moved to the backyard to let Josh splash around in the baby pool. He LOVED the baby pool! He splashed, squawked, laughed- had a blast! And it helped clean him up from the cake. He was done about 20 minutes later so I changed him and laid him down for a nap.

After the guests were gone I had a chance to clean, eat more cake and relax. I took my mom to the airport getting home just in time to leave for a church concert/picnic. Our church held a concert in the main sanctuary of Patriotic music. We stayed for most of the performance. Josh really enjoyed the music but he was also squirmy so we left after the "Battle Hymn of the Republic".

In all, it was a crazy busy day for us grown ups and a terrifically fun day for the tyke. He slept like, well like a baby- he hardly made a peep all night. Pictures are posted online with video coming soon. Now it's time for me to really relax before starting the week tomorrow.

*The homemade cake was a flop. I followed the recipe and directions to the T with the help of my mom and Emily, and it still wasn't good. The flavor wasn't tasty and the batter was more gooey than cake-like. To add insult to injury, my attempts to make frosting also flopped because one container of heavy cream went bad. So my mom and Emily dashed out to the store to buy a colorful chocolate cake from the bakery. Guests never suspected the cake distress I was in moments before they showed up.



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