I watched as Josh did something new today. Usually he takes things 'off' and 'out' of something like taking toys out of baskets or off the shelf. Today he took his colored plastic blocks and placed them out of the basket then in the container they belong. Perhaps in no time he can start cleaning his own messes!

I've begun the process of weaning him from the bottle to cups. I was waiting for a couple cups to arrive in the mail (I sent away for free cups from Enfamil but they ran out of cups so things got back ordered) but since it'll be another month to get those, I'll have to make do with the Munchkin cups and his favorite Nuby cup. I need to teach him not to shake the cup though. He does this when he's done and wants to play and shaking results in milk splatters everywhere.

I'm reading The DaVinci Code and I'm hooked! I'm making this a short blog so I can read some more. Lots is going on though so here's a quick list of news:

  • He's moving closer towards one nap a day. He still favor late mornings to rest.
  • He's become less picky with food again- yay!
  • I'm getting my hair cut today. I hope Josh is patient during my appointment.
  • Josh is walking more than crawling. He still can't get to standing without the support of something.
  • I'm making invitations for his birthday party- May 28 is the date we'll celebrate.
  • Josh is quickly out growing his "12 months" clothes. He's now closer to fitting "18 months" clothes.
  • Josh has one pair of shoes that we recently got him to wear. He walks OK in them but it adds a challenge to his penguin like toddle.
  • We have a wedding to attend this weekend. With all the excitement of guests and things going on, we'll be using four babysitters over the weekend!



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