Joshua's 15-month pediatrician appointment was this morning. Here are the stats:

  • Weight 22.2 lbs. - 20th percentile
  • Height 33" - 93rd percentile
  • Head 18" - 15th percentile
His weight is expected to be stable on the lower end of the percentile while he grows tall like his parents and grandparents. He got a repeat of previous vaccines: DtaP, Hib, prevnar (pneumonia). He'll get his first flu vaccination in October and again at the next visit. He checks out as a very healthy and normal boy. I was advised to get him off of formula very soon. I have half a can that I'll use up. Currently he drinks half whole milk and half Next Step formula. I like adding the formula to give a boost of vitamins and iron but the pedi suspects this will effect his eating habits since it tends to be thicker than plain milk. I was also given a handout for guidelines and ideas of foods for toddlers. Josh has a balanced diet but there are a few vegetables I could try on him for variety, such as mushrooms, cauliflower, green beans, and lettuce. He used to reject greens like green beans and broccoli, but maybe now he'll be more open to trying it. Still no words, though he is communicating in different ways like raising his arms to be picked up, pointing at things, reaching for stuff he wants and trying to open the fridge when he wants milk. He just doesn't see the need in learning to speak yet and certainly doesn't want to since we encourage it.

New pictures are online from the past three months (this time my URL has an 's' in it!):



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