Gobs of rain today.

I took Josh to the mall to play since it was so wet outside. It afforded me a chance to also do some post holiday shopping, though I didn't get far on account that Josh has no patience.

I learned recently that Play-Doh can be used to dampen the sound on super noisy toys! Josh got an Elmo Tool Bench for Christmas from his grandparents. The only problem is that there is no volume control and when you're standing next to the speaker (like all toddlers would be), it's effin' loud. So I stuck some yellow clay into the plastic volume holes. It's still a little loud, but it's not deafening.

I'm supposed to pick up Emily from DFW soon. Her flight got diverted here on account of the storms in the area. Apparently she's really upset because she was on her way to meet her boyfriend's family in DC before going back to the Navy in Chicago. She's probably bummed that she won't get to spend time with him. While I'm sad she's missing time with her dude, I'm secretly thrilled that she's staying the night with us. I miss the days when she lived here and we could goof off anytime.

This converting from crib to toddler bed is a time consuming transition. As I'm sure many others will be. Unless Josh is asleep or falling asleep, he has a tendency to get out of bed and either play or run to another room. I have a stool outside his room that we sit on waiting for him to go to sleep. If he thinks we're by the door, he won't get out of bed and eventually goes to sleep. So far this technique works and sitting by the door takes anywhere from a few minutes to almost half an hour. Luckily we have enough light from the master bedroom to read a bookwhile we wait for him to fall sleep. I'm hoping this will help him to go to bed, stay in bed and put himself to sleep.

Time to get Em'.


Emily Starnes said...

Just to clarify, I was secretly thrilled to have an extra day of goofing off with you guys too. Thanks for showing me a wonderful time!



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