Since Elliot was born, I've been migrating at night to sleep in his room on the futon. Initially I did so to sleep in when Josh woke up before Elliot. The reason has shifted now to avoid the barrage of snoring coming from Rusty. After I've fed Elliot in the night and return to bed, if Rusty's snores are too loud or too persistent, then I move to Elliot's room. I'm not sure when I'll be able to give up the futon as my second bed!

4th of July is tomorrow but we're celebrating tonight by going to Kaboom Town in Addison. It's the first time in two years we've finally been able to see fireworks up close. Last year we missed it because Josh was in the hospital recovering from an MRSA infection, and the year before we missed because Rusty had a cold. But tonight- we're on! I'm about to pack the car and get snacks ready.

Elliot is making baby sounds. He's practicing his d's and b's and occasionally a 'g' sound comes out. I was getting worried that he was behind due to his ear infections, but he's on time. He's also practicing how to crawl but doesn't know what to do with his arms yet. His legs get up under his belly but his arms don't move with them so he flops forward or to the side. Eventually he'll get the idea. But I'm not inclined to help him. I'm enjoying knowing where he is after I set him down. That don't last forever.



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