I joined Twitter this week. I still don't get it though. Like Friendster, this is a flash in the pan that will eventually have a number of abandoned memberships. I've tried to find "long losy high school friends" with no success. Like me, they probably don't want to be found!


Anonymous said...

I kind of gave up on Facebook, thinking its time was over. But in the last few weeks, I realized enough friends are still using it regularly that it's still a good way to keep in touch with some people. (At least until I can phone them - I hate online-only friendships.)

As for Twitter, unless you have many geeky friends, there aren't too many non-computery types there. But it's a good way to pass messages to a group of friends, in a way that isn't cluttered like Facebook.

That said, while I have gotten in touch with a few childhood friends on Facebook, I think Twitter is definitely not a way to meet old friends, but a way to keep in touch with current ones. It's like instant messaging but it can be done more slowly and from different mediums (the Twitter page, Twirl, Twittermail, etc.).

Anyhow, I added you as a friend or whatever it's called on Twitter.



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