Tonight is the second night Rusty is sick in bed. He stayed home in bed all day. I hope he's well enough for this trip to Corpus on Friday. Tomorrow is my busy day of laundry, packing, car cleaning, shopping for car snacks and preparing for our road trip.

Next weekend my mom will be in town visiting- yay! Then it's Christmas- yay! Then New Years- yay! Then I don't know what the new year holds!

I already have Halloween figured out for next year though. Elliot will be Punky Bruiser! I'll spike his hair, tear some jeans, get a rockin' jacket, fake tatoo, etc. It'll be awesome!

And now for a Josh moment...
We were watching a preview for the movie Cinderella. The announcer guy says: THE BEAUTY! Josh watching ever attentively exclaims, "The beauty!"
"The romance!"
"The magic, wow!"

Such an impressionable mind.



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