According to my friend Stephanie, we're progressive parents. She means we've hit milestones that she's waiting to tackle with her own kiddos. These are little milestones like drinking from an open cup and expecting our tyke to take his plate to the sink after dinner. Being a progressive parent, I guess, means I have higher expectations of his capabilities and hold him to his end of the bargain. That he'll drink carefully with an open cup. That he's responsible to clean up his area after eating. I'm not sure what the opposite of progressive is when it comes to parenting styles. For moms who give their 4-year-old pacifiers, are they conservative or push-overs? (They're pacifists! HA!!) For moms who have lower expectations of what their little ones can do are they holding their kids back or are they just waiting until the child is ready themselves to advance, thus making the transition easy? It takes a bit more effort to be progressive, and patience.

On the other hand, her child can sit quietly for two books while mine ran circle around the room after the first one.




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