Time for a few Josh-isms:

* Josh sometimes introduces Rusty, "This is my son, Daddy."
* We told him we were going to WhichWich for dinner to which he replied "a what what?"
* Looking at our wedding picture he said, "Is that you and Mommy and Daddy?"

Elliot has a brand new molar popping out through his lower gum. He doesn't seem to mind it now but it did make him cranky last week. He's getting good with using a spoon. He still tends to turn it upside-down as the spoon goes into his mouth (which is fine for thick things like oatmeal, yogurt and milk-soaked Cheerios) but he's becoming more coordinated and seems to prefer to feed himself.

Elliot's also picking up more language comprehension even though he isn't speaking pretty much at all. For example, he now knows the phrases "pick up the ball" and "find daddy" and "walk up the stairs" and "step down/step up". He isn't really walking up and down stairs, by the way. He essentially crawls up the stairs using his hands for support. But occasionally he needs the reminder when walking through a raised threshold or over a gated area. Some words he knows in twos like clap-clap and dance-dance. Right now, the only thing he says is 'da' for pretty much anything that isn't a 'mamama'. He used to sign 'milk' but stopped for some reason.

We have distinguished how our boys take after us so far. Josh, like me, gets excited by doing and going and, like Rusty, doesn't need much sleep. Elliot, like Rusty, is content to chill and watch his brother run amok and, like me, needs lots of sleep. Joshua is an adventurous eater, like his dad, and loves the limelight, like me. Elliot is less obsessed by electronics, like me, but, like his dad, once he gets the TV remote there's no telling how he'll program things.




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