I am exhausted! I flew a cross country flight today with an instructor from Addison to Hugo, OK. I had been dreaming of making this trip for a long and was THRILLED to finally make it!

No, seriously thrilled. The winds were screaming from the south (averaged 180° gusting to 20 knots) so it was pretty bumpy in areas. Luckily it was all headwind for landings and take-offs. On the landing in Durant, my half-way point, I think I said oh shit a few times right before my beautiful landing. (The plane straightened up last second)

I have to say, I enjoy dead reckoning navigation. That's where you look at what's on the ground to get there. From Durant to Hugo we followed a road and railroad line all the way and spotted a few small cities along the way.

On the flight back, as my instructor warned me, we flew straight to Addison and I had to wear the torture device that covers the view of the ground outside. All I used were the instruments: heading, VOR and GPS. I started feeling a bit woozy in the stomach after an hour of "hood time". If only I had held out for 6 more minutes, I would be done done done with hood time. I guess 6 minutes won't kill me during one of the several check rides I'll take before my final check ride.

What's next? If weather is good on Thursday I'll fly solo to Hugo. If I can score a 90% on a practice test, I'll do my written exam that day too.

My favorite great grand aunt Caroline Caldwell from Hugo, OK.
I love that she matches the plane. :-)



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