Our next trip will be to Lajitas Resort near Big Bend in south Texas. There's a private airport near the resort with transportation to and from.  What's the ocassion?

Rusty and I will be celebrating our 13th wedding anniversary!

The resort seems nice and has fun things to do like canoeing, ATV rides, skeet shooting, horse back riding and massage parlor.

Now we're in the trip planning mode- my favorite part!  I'm going to get sectionals today and reserve our rental plane. The boys will enjoy a weekend vacay with the grandparents.

The party was a smashing hit!  Everyone who attended had a good time.  I just wish more people were there.

I tried to fly today after work but there was no one at the hangar when I arrived. That alone might not have stopped me except the keys were locked in the office.  I guess a reservation isn't enough- next time I'll call to ensure someone can check me out.

With today's flight scrubbed, I'll try again tomorrow.

Oh!  And I got my official FAA Private Pilot license yesterday.  *grins*

Pilot Party!

We're planning a party! 
If you haven't been emailed or hand delivered an invitation, you can view the invitation details online:

It's been 5 years since we've thrown a party.

Why "flights.ringofsaturn.com"?

After the event, at some point, I'll change the 'flights' page to be a place for friends and family to request a flight.  There's no cost for flying.  As a private pilot, I can't charge a thing.  However, just like college road-trips, if you want to chip in for some expenses (such as fuel), I'll gladly accept a donation.

I love to fly and I'm looking for reasons to get out and get up. I hope you'll join us in celebration!



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