IMC VFR Flight

Ok, that title is an exaggeration. My CFII and I were heading to Sulpher Springs for a short cross country to practice VOR tracking. Things were groovy until almost to our destination clouds were encroaching. As ironic as it may seem that during IFR training we turned away from clouds, we had to because we had not filed an IFR flight. So I didn't get my cross country time in, but I did get some good navigation practice, and more importantly, I got to fly!  :-)

During the flight I was intensely focused on keeping the heading, the altitude, the radio calls, etc that my shoulder started feeling tense. In a split second, a thought made me laugh out loud. That's right. I cracked myself up. This is what I was remembering:

Moving on....

Earlier this week I attended an FAA Safety seminar about approaches. It was a good session and I'm glad I went! It started out as a discussion on VFR approaches, particularly identifying hazards, knowing the runway and surrounding area, and illusions that can make pilot's misjudge the approach and landing. The second half was all about IFR approaches. Now I haven't finished all the ground school lessons on IFR flight so there's still some topics of mystery to me. Approach plates are one of those. After the safety sessions evaluation of some tricky approaches (and how certain mistakes in certain places can be deadly) I feel less mystified and more anxious about IFR approaches.

Next week is too busy for me to fly. BUT I'm soon done with work for vacation time and I intend to fly fly fly while I can!  :-)



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