I Finally Flew!

It's been since late December since I'd last flown. In that time, LOTS has happened! But not with regarding to aviation. 


I have be-friended the owner (Ray) of a sim place near Addison called Aviation Training & Resource Center. I'm coughing up the big bucks to fly his RedBird simulator with its G1000 panel. I've gone twice and will probably drop by sometime this week. These big buck, by the way, are still cheaper than getting into the real deal, and I can start practice right away (no taxiing, no loops to get into position). That said, I'd rather fly any chance I can get.

Today I flew US Sport's Cessna from Addison to Ennis Municipal airport and back. I did a practice VOR/DME approach. My tracking was spot on, my altitude was (more or less) spot on, and my landings were smooth and easy. Not nearly as rough as in December when my flare was too shallow making for a rough landings.

Today was also the first flight where I took my iPad mini instead of having paper plates on my lap.  I had plates in my bag (of course) but it was so nice having everything in one small place. I dig this new technology!

Ground school is done so my next focus is to get ready for the written exam. Anyone who knows me knows I get debilitating test anxiety. The more I study and prepare, the better I'll be. I have an app to quiz with when offline (doctor's waiting room, pack meeting, Josh's piano lessens) and I have a book that could break a nose if hurled in the right direction. I also have a study buddy named David (an older pilot also interested in IFR stuff) though he's less motivated to get his rating.

I'm on the schedule to fly more next month. Hopefully weather and maintenance cooperate!



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