My First Video! (is uneventful)

For my birthday this September, I got a camera to mount onto the airplane. It's a Sony Exmor Action Cam. The camera case is more aerodynamic than GoPro and shorter than most other action cams. It's not a perfect camera for everyone, but for back-of-the-plane videos, it's perfectly acceptable.

After several weeks of distraction, I finally mounted it and took it for a test flight. Once it's recording and the airplane is started, there's no turning it off. So the video here has been edited so that you're not watching (more) minutes of no action. (Heck, watching me taxi can be considered no action.)

The video shows a condensed version of my taxi and takeoff. If you just want to see the takeoff, skip ahead to 9 minutes.

Shortly after I'm up, the camera case fogs up. I suspect the case was warmed up by the sunlight then the cold air aloft made it fog over. To test this theory, I should do a flight on a cloudy day.

Much of the flight is uneventful if down-right boring to watch. Being inside the airplane during the flight is not boring, but just watching is. I cut much of the city flying out.

At about 11:13 it cuts from boring Dallas to flying over Lake Lewisville.

But then, there's something interesting that happens!

After the lake at about 15:08 until 15:10, you might see a black speck go across the right side just above the horizon. It's actually a cluster of balloons! I marveled at it in the few seconds I had it in view. There were red and black latex balloons with a black heart shaped one in the middle. Luckily I flew past it, and not through it. Getting tangled in my propeller or caught on my wing could have been bad news.

The fog on the camera case is thick. I'll see if I can zoom in and circle the balloons in a future video segment.

The rest of the flight to Possum Kingdom (F35) was uneventful. The landing was good enough. The takeoff again was uneventful. The flight back home was uneventful. The landing back at Addison was- yep -uneventful.

There you have it! My first video! And it's (mostly) uneventful.




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