Today I am now 30. Happy Birthday me!! Saturday Rusty threw a party for me at our house. He made lots of yummy appetizers and snacks (and we bought $50 of sushi) and invited lots of friends. All sorts of good people showed up to celebrate with me. I had such a great time gabbing, drinking, and socializing with friends I don't see enough of these days. The big gift from Rusty was concert tickets to see Massive Attack on Sunday evening. That concert ROCKED!!! I nearly knocked him over with excitement
when he showed me the tickets Saturday night. We spent half of Sunday sleeping in shifts and slowly getting ready for the night. Joshua
spent the evening with Grandma Anne. He had a good time, everyone was happy.

Ok, so back to the concert! It was at the Nokia Theatre in Grand Prairie so already the venue was excellent. Seats were cushy, the air was clean, it was freakin’ cold inside but that didn’t matter because they sold good beverages, such a premium margaritas. We met several friends there we hadn’t seen in a while. Some were a little shocked that we had reproduced since the last time we hung out. Teel also went to the concert. She went with two friends but they weren’t sitting anywhere near us. Oh yeah, we were in the front center just 6 rows from the stage. The opening act was DJ Shadow, who mixes smooth thick bass with a hint of retro-lounge. Massive Attack played nearly every song from Mezzanine (their best album) and a few new ones. They opened with a lovely new tune that got heads bobbing and swaying but was sedate enough to capture everyone’s attention and confine them to their seats. No one stood up until the second song and by the third song, people were up in the aisles and crowding in front of the stage. I stood in front the stage for a few songs but retreated back a few rows to get a better sound. Although being close enough to be touched is exciting, I really wanted to enjoy the music and the sound system was wobbly in front of the stage where I started. There was a lot less electronic gear than I expected. They had two drum sets, guitarist, bassist, one electronics dude handling everything from a keyboard to a Theremin, and a rotation of four singers. The lighting fit the mood of the music- dark. They opted for back lighting only during the performance. Although I initially wanted to see them perform, having a dim view of the action made me listen more than watch. After the encore, they turned on lights while the members took a bow and
exited. The entire performance was completely graceful. They sound just as wonderful live on stage as they do on a CD. It was everything I hoped and expected! [wiki]

About my hair. I wanted to get dreadlocks. I came very close to getting them. I made an appointment, consulted with a stylist with lots of experience and recommendation- but ultimately the price was not to be desired. For a day’s worth of dreading, the price was
$500. That was the price for 10 hours to make tons of small strands all over my head. Although Rusty & I could do this on our own at home, I was worried about it looking bad or not being done right. So instead I got a strand of hair dyed bright blue. I’ve gotten mixed
responses on it. Some people dig it. Others don’t get it. I like it. It’s not as wild as I was hoping for but no one says I have to stop here. Posted by Picasa


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That's a terrific picture of you.



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